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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows Fundamentals


Price £1,600 before tax
Length: 3 Days
Course code: 6T710G
Delivery Type Classroom

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  • London
    £1,600 before tax
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The IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® for Windows Fundamentals course is a three day course that introduces you to Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows. You will install and configure Sterling Connect:Direct, apply the Sterling Connect:Direct Process Language, issue commands, integrate applications, and troubleshoot problems.


  • Describe the Sterling Connect:Director for Windows architecture.
  • Transfer and receive files.
  • Define and use Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows Process Language to define units of work.
  • Access the Process Monitor.
  • Review and analyze a statistics report.
  • Navigate in the Requestor, Browser, and Command Line Interface.
  • Navigate in the Client Utilities: Client Connection Utility and Administrative Tool.
  • Allow applications to interface with Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows.
  • Configure a File Agent.
  • Explain the purpose of the Process, Session, and Command Managers.
  • Configure for data flows.
  • Apply FMH control blocks.


This basic course is for Windows User


There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • What can Sterling Connect:Direct do?
  • Terminology, Requirements, and Architecture
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Process Language
  • Process Monitor - TCQ
  • Audit Trail - Statistic
  • Command Line Interface
  • Client Utilities
  • Browser User Interface
  • Software Developers Kit
  • File Agent Configuration
  • Version 2 Data Flows
  • Performance and Tuning
  • Diagnositics Tools and Procedures

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