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Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics & Statistical Analysis


Length: 3 Days
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This training is also available as onsite training.
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This course targets those who wish to examine data using exploratory (including bi-variate) data interrogation techniques allowing the analyst to produce reliable results in order to draw informed conclusions.


•    Keyboard and mouse skills.
•    Experience of working in the Windows environment and a general understanding of key Windows features.
•    No prior knowledge of PASW Statistics or inferential statistics is required.


•    Introduction to Statistical Analysis
•    Introducing PASW Statistics
•    Reading Data
•    Variable Properties
•    Working with the Data Editor
•    Summarising Individual Variables
•    Modifying Data Values: Recode
•    Modifying Data Values: Compute
•    Selecting Cases
•    Creating and Editing Charts
•    Output in the Viewer
•    Understanding Data Distributions - Theory
•    Data Distributions for Scale Variables
•    Making Inferences about Populations from Samples
•    Relationships Between Categorical Variables
•    The Independent– Samples T Test
•    The Paired-Samples T Test
•    One-Way ANOVA
•    Bivariate Plots and Correlations for Scale Variables
•    Regression Analysis
•    Nonparametric Tests