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QualityStage V8 Advanced Concepts V8


Price £1,500 before tax
Length: 3 Days
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This training is also available as onsite training. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Learn how to build QualityStage rule sets to standardize product data. Learn how to use reference matching to find duplicate records. Gain hands-on experience by building jobs that standardize and match product data.


  • Modify rule sets

  • Build a custom rule set

  • Build QualityStage jobs to investigate data quality issues with newly standardized file

  • Consolidate duplicate records using QualityStage reference matching


QualityStage training is needed for the following Information Server client groups:

  • Data Analysts responsible for data quality using QualityStage

  • Data Quality Architects

  • Data Cleansing Developers

  • Data Quality Developers needing to customize QualityStage rule sets


  • QualityStage Essentials review

  • Structure of a rule set

  • Creating a rule set

  • Standardization and investigation

  • Classification table

  • Pattern Action file

  • Reference matching

  • Refining match criteria

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