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IBM What's New in IBM InfoSphere DataStage


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This course works with Information Server V8.5

This course is for experienced DataStage 7.5 developers who are upgrading to DataStage 8.5. DataStage 7.5 was a stand-alone product.DataStage 8.5 is part of suite of components and tools that share a common Repository and backbone of services. After introducing this new DataStage environment and how to develop within it, the new features and capabilities of DataStage are covered. This includes Transformer and Lookup stage enhancements as well as an introduction to the new Connector stages for reading and writing relational data. The course then examines some major new stages. These include the Complex Flat File stage for processing mainframe files with multiple record formats, the new XML stage for processing XML data, and the Slowly Changing Dimensions stage for updating data marts with slowly changing dimensions.


  • Work within the new DataStage Information Server environment
  • Create DataStage user IDs in the Information Server Web Console
  • Administer DataStage
  • Create range lookups
  • Use loops in the Transformer to parse out fields of a single row into multiple separate rows
  • Process groups in the Transformer
  • Use Connector stages to read and write to relational tables
  • Update tables with slowly-changing dimensions using the new Slowly-Changing Dimensions stage
  • Use new DataStage utilities to analyzer job performance and resource usage
  • Work with the new Repository functions
  • Understand how FastTrack and Metadata Workbench can be profitably used with DataStage


This course if for:

  • DataStage 7.5 developers who will be upgrading to DataStage 8.5


You should have:

  • at least one 1 year experience developing parallel jobs in DataStage 7.5


Introduction: Overview of what's new and what's the same.


  • What gets deployed
  • Possible deployment configurations
  • New Suite Installer

Administering DataStage

  • Information Server web console
  • What's New in DataStage Administrator?

What's new in Designer?

Transformer Stage Enhancements

  • Parameter sets
  • Null processing
  • Loop processing
  • Group processing
  • Lookup stage enhancements
  • Range Lookups

Repository Functions

  • Flexible folder organization
  • Repository search
  • DataStage component export enhancements
  • Impact analysis
  • Job and Table Definition differences

Working with Relational Data

  • Connector stages
  • Data Connection objects
  • Reject links
  • Multiple input links
  • SQL Builder

Complex Flat File Stage

SCD stage

XML stage

Intersecting with other IS tools: Just slides

  • Shared metadata Repository
  • FastTrack: Point them to FastTrack course
  • Metadata Workbench: Point them to MWB course

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