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Tailoring and Configuring for Enterprise and IT Asset Management 7.1


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Tailoring and Configuring for Enterprise and IT Asset Management is a hands-on course. It is designed for individuals who need to know the core steps and considerations for tailoring and configuring the following product offerings: IBM Tivoli CCMDB, IBM Tivoli Maximo Enterprise Asset Management, and IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT.

This course focuses primarily on the use of the Application Designer and Database Configuration applications.

  • Application Designer is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing environment for managing, editing, and creating applications and the user interfaces.
  • Database Configuration is an application used for the management and administration of database objects and attributes.

Through lecture, instructor demonstration, and labs, students will discuss extending the graphical user interface (GUI) and use Application Designer to modify and create applications. Students will also use the Domains and Database Configuration applications to create and modify objects, attributes, domains, and relationships

Note: This is not a java class or business component customization course. Those interested in creating and modifying the application user interface and supporting database objects may benefit from the base knowledge provided in this class, but will not be trained on how to create or customize java class files.


  • Navigate the Application Designer application and discuss its relationship with the Database Configuration, Security, and Conditional Expression Manager applications.
  • Create and modify database objects and attributes.
  • Create an index and a relationship for an object.
  • Create, clone, and modify applications.
  • Import and export applications.


This course is for those who will be responsible for tailoring and customizing applications and the GUI, including the supporting database configuration tasks.


Recommended Courses

  • Navigation and Querying for Enterprise and IT Asset Management
  • Security for Enterprise and IT Asset Management
  • Any one of the Enterprise and IT Asset Management Fundamental courses   

Required Skills/Knowledge

  • You should have at least a general knowledge of databases.


Import/Export an application

Clone an application and modify it:

  • Add and modify controls of an existing application
  • Add/remove a field
  • Change field labels

Create and modify domains

Create a new database object

Create and modify the attributes of an object

Create a relationship for an object  

Create a single tab application and add controls

  • Add/remove columns  
  • Add Select Action menu items
  • Add Toolbar buttons
  • Create a Search menu
  • Modify the List tab of an application
  • Discuss the process of modifying dialog windows
  • Add Signature Security options and grant access/restrictions to an application

Describe and discuss Conditional User Interface

Describe the steps necessary to delete a user-created application

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